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                Hall Switch

                MEMSIC's Hall switch sensors use a low-power CMOS process and integrate Hall sensor chip in a single chip. Built-in sensitivity compensation, and has excellent temperature compensation characteristics, so that the chip can work in the environment of -45 ~ 85 ℃, and maintain good performance and consistency.

                Technical Advantages


                Ultra-low power

                Typical 2.5uA,maximum 5uA@1.8 V,it can meet the needs of TWS ultra-long standby time


                Ultra-wide Operation Voltage Range

                Ultra-wide operation voltage range: 1.65~5.5V can meet voltage of supply


                Small Packaging

                DFN4 package with 1.0mmx1.4mmx0.37mm, the smaller package size brings convenience to the structural design of the earphone and charging compartment. Also available in SOT23 and SOT553 packages


                Accurate Switch Control

                The hysteresis window is 5Gauss, that can ensure the opening and closing positions of the cover for the charging compartment being the same


                Multiple Output Modes

                Unipolar, bipolar and omni-polar Hall Switch can fit for different applications